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Are you a well established business or a start-up ? Discover how Atolia can improve your company in the long run.
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They are working remotely

Atolia moves forward hand in hand with thousands of teams working from France and Europe.

All the tools you need are here

Instant messaging

Stay in touch from home with your teams, clients and partners.

Voice and video calls

Switch from voice call to video in one click, thanks to our conference call tool, directly integrated on Atolia.

Documents sharing

Co-edit and save your files in the most organized way to create easy access for your collaborators.

Projects management

Assign tasks with deadlines and personalized tags to follow each of your team member’s progression.


Synchronize your calendars and have a look at your upcoming deadlines and video call meetings.

Collaborating becomes as efficient as working in the same office

Video calls and screen sharing

Start video and voice calls without installing any additional software.

Up to 100 participants

Are you organizing a very important meeting, a general assembly or an online course ? You can invite up to 100 participants to join you.

On the phone

If there is a poor Internet connection, your guests can join the voice bridge by calling phone numbers and entering a PIN code.

Interactive white board

Share your PowerPoints with Atolia’s interactive white board. You can brainstorm, sketch and get creative with your participants.

Save time !

Quick installation

Atolia is available on Web/PC/Mac/iOs/Android. To create a workspace, you only need to sign up with your email address. Then you can add your collaborators.

Easy to use

The second you sign up, we teach you how to use the platform with the help of our user guide. It’s so easy, you will soon be able to fly on your own !

Reachable client support

To help you kickstart your workspace, you can simply contact us via the online support, and you will directly chat with one of our team members.

Keep your data safe


Confidentiality and security are our two priorities. Your data stays private and confidential to follow the - very important for us - GDPR rules.

All-in-one tool

No more switching different apps and tools, everything you need to work is on Atolia.


We are backing up and making a copy of your data on three different locations in France. If anything happens, you are protected and it means that your data will always be available for you to work with.


Discover what users think of Atolia 🙌

Using Atolia is very practical. It really helps me save time on the daily to collaborate in a more serene way within a team. Atolia, very handy.

Atolia, very practical in use
Jean-Marc Bouillon

Simple, great chat space, great documents and tasks sharing. The platform’s design looks very professional and clean! It’s perfect for teamwork.

Very suitable for teamwork!
Lidia Tamy

Atolia is very friendly and was perfectly designed for project-based work. It saves us from having to download a couple of different softwares to complete different tasks. Plus, it’s french!

Christophe Loup

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