We share the same outlook on life. 🙌

Simplifying teamwork

Work methods are an ongoing change and companies need something flexible, that allows them to communicate easily and most of all that allows them to collaborate remotely without putting their precious data at risk.

It is Atolia’s mission to offer an all-in-one tool to make your work life so much easier, and safer.

Sharing and evolving

Two strong words for Atolia. It means being open-minded, open to transmit knowledge on a daily basis, ongoing improvements and respect.

Involvement and passion

Two values that refer to being involved, having a strong will, being polyvalent and being a happy team member.


Our core value as a digital business. It is the main condition to prosper and keep you organized. Individual security is everyone’s business.

Innovating and learning

Teamwork makes dreamwork. We believe teamwork is work’s future. We are always searching for innovative ways to perform as a team.

Atolians’ values

Every company has values. Atolia’s values have been the pillar of our creation, our collaborators’ recruitment, our supplier’s choice and even our clients.

Responsibility and beliefs

We trust you here. Being independent and motivated is what drives us. Willing to be better is what stimulates us to offer our clients the best experience they have ever had.

Committing to going further

Since forever, Atolia has made ethics and values an essential point to its development, serving its performance and competitiveness.


Atolia is committing to inform you as much as possible and to respond to any of your questions. This is why we care about being transparent with you regarding our security and the quality of our software. We want to make sure it is true and understandable by everyone.


For each of our collaborations, we really focus on being loyal and benevolent in a very professional way.


Humanity is the heart of our collective business. Respecting each other is the number one rule to build and keep trust. All the choices we make as a business have been thought of so it would be in your interest too.

Want to contact us ?

Our online support is open on every day of the week from 9am to 7pm to answer all of your questions. If you want to send us a spontaneous job application, a commercial enquiry, a publication proposal or a technical issue, we will be more than happy to chat with you. ☺️

You can also contact us via email at contact@atolia.com.

Strasbourg, France

3 place de Haguenau
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