Video call

Real time information sharing with all your collaborators.

Video & voice calls

Communication is made easy between you and your team thanks to Atolia’s video and voice calls.

In one click, switch from messages to voice calls by simply calling the partners within your workspace.

Even if you are away, you can collaborate more easily and move your projects forward, without any other software.

Share your screens

During video calls, you are able to share your screen with your collaborators. This will allow you to work together on a document, or to present a PowerPoint to your team.

Share your screens

During your video call, you can share your screen with your colleagues. This will allow you to work together on a document or make a presentation to your team, for example.

Invite guest partners

Thanks to our sharing links, you can effortlessly invite any external partner or collaborator to join your video call.

Simply share the link to your video call so that your guests can join from any web browser.

Enjoy our whiteboard tool

While you are on a video call, you can use our interactive whiteboard. It’s an amazing visual tool to use during your meetings with your collaborators or with your clients.

You can add up to 100 participants ! This new feature offers great stability and performance, which will make your communication so much more successful.

Take advantage of the interactive whiteboard

During your video call, you can use the interactive whiteboard as a visual aid for your meetings with your employees or clients.

Being able to integrate up to 100 participants, this new feature offers stability and performance that will make your communication smooth and successful !

When video call goes hand in hand with performance

Many features are available within the video call interface on Atolia. Say hi to increased productivity !
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