Document sharing

Upload all your important documents in the same workspace.

Share your documents easily

Drag and drop your documents onto your Atolia group chats. Every member will be able to access them at any time.

Many file formats are supported : Word, Powerpoint, Excel, PDF, PNG and JPEG. That way, you can share and gather all your documents to work more efficiently.

Collaborate simultaneously with your teams

Put collective intelligence ahead by co-creating quality content with our real time Collaborative edition tool. Same as the Office suite, our integrated suite allows you to work better and faster by keeping your teams, partners and clients close.

Become more efficient by always having an updated version of all your documents, no matter their format. Your data will automatically be saved on your workspace.

Collaborate simultaneously with your teams

Foster collective intelligence by co-creating quality content in real time with collaborative publishing. The equivalent of the Office suite integrated into Atolia allows you to work fluidly by strengthening the proximity with your teams, partners or clients.

Gain in efficiency by always having the right version of your documents whatever their formats. Your data will be automatically saved on your workspace.

Download files and folders

Preview your files with the Atolia viewer or download them to keep them on all your devices. You can also download all of your data at once in a ZIP file, easy peasy.

Synchronize your content with Google Drive and Dropbox

Thanks to the Google Drive and Dropbox synchronization, each link that you share with your collaborators is automatically saved in the groupchat file.

A simple click on this specific file will send you directly to Google Drive or Dropbox to edit or download the document.

Synchronize your content with Google Drive and Dropbox

Thanks to Google Drive and Dropbox sync, links to files you share with your collaborators are automatically saved to the corresponding folder in the workgroup.

A simple click on the file will send you back to Google Drive or Dropbox to edit or retrieve the document.

Manage your documents safely

Discover a lot of other integrated features to simply manage your files and facilitate their follow-up.
Download files
Dropbox integration
Google Drive integration
Online viewer
Organization by folders

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