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A strict confidentiality policy and an internal hosting service to keep your data secure.


No matter if you are using Atolia on your computer or your mobile phone, Atolia has a clean and minimalistic look, easy to use and understand !


Atolia’s teams are here with you every day to help you out. From the set up to the smallest issue, we are here for you.

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Maël Maillet

Great for project management !

Very useful tool for operational project management. The “Project“ category allows you to divide up the tasks, you can use it like a Kanban, it's great ! Practical messaging too.
Francois Lazorak

This tool is very user-friendly and very...

This tool is very user-friendly and easy to use. It offers various services and facilitates exchanges and other organisation through presentations in the form of documents, projects, diaries, etc...
In short, I highly recommend it !
Lidia Tamy

Very suitable

Simple, good space for discussion, document and task sharing.
Simple and professional platform design !
Claude Casterot

Very easy to use tool

Very easy to use tool. Top solution
Christophe Loup

Atolia for project mode

Atolia is a user-friendly product that is perfectly designed for project work.
It avoids the multitude of products that communicate with each other with difficulty.
and moreover it is French !
Jean-Marc Bouillon

Atolia, very practical in use

In use, Atolia is very practical. It is a real time saver on a daily basis for better collaboration within a team.
Laurent Lindebrings

Great teamwork experience...

Great teamwork experience on Atolia.
Elodie Beyer

For a small company with a...

For a small company with a limited use (mainly chat + documents), we are delighted with Atolia. The interface is pleasant, easy to use, and our employees are delighted.

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