Atolia, the European alternative to Microsoft Teams

Gain efficiency and regain control of your data to better innovate, with complete peace of mind.

Access the essentials, in an agile and secure French collaborative tool.

Solution recommended by the French Ministry of Economy and Finance

Take back control of your data

They are valuable and yet often scattered
On Teamsit is scattered

Microsoft is an American company, subject to the Cloud Act, whose servers are located in the USA. It is impossible to host sensitive company data yourself.

Teams disperses your data in other Microsoft applications (OneDrive, Sharepoint…). You no longer have control over what goes in and out of your collaborative space.

On Atoliait is secure

Atolia is a French company, whose servers are located in France, in full compliance with the RGPD. Atolia can be installed on your premises, on your servers.

Atolia includes in a single interface all the essential functionalities for working in a team and remotely. Your data is centralised and easily exploitable.

Get to the point

Why make it complicated when you can make it simple ?
On Teamsit is complicated

There is a different Office 365 tool to plug into Teams for each essential feature : project management, calendar, notes…

Even the most seasoned IT departments call on IT providers to help them install, configure and maintain the Microsoft 365 ecosystem.

On the user side, it’s not easy either. Teams is not easy to learn. Your teams lose productivity when the idea was to gain productivity.

On Atoliait is pragmatic

On Atolia, everything is just a click away : tasks to do, deadlines, documents… No need to juggle between tabs and tools.

An Atolia space is very easy to deploy. And you can always count on our responsive team to support you.

On Atolia, everyone can find their way around. Those who are used to working together as well as newcomers. Your change management goes faster.

Stay flexible and agile

Choose the collaborative tool that can grow and change with you
On Teamsit is rigid

Teams is the same for everyone. It is up to you to customise it. Or pay a service provider to do it for you.

On Teams, it’s a headache to manage access rights to the various resources scattered around. Especially with external contacts (customers, suppliers, consultants…).

Yet your projects are linked, with multiple partners, and you can’t give them access to all the data stored in the O365 suite.

On Atoliait is flexible

Atolia adapts to your context and objectives, not the other way around. (e.g. : the interface is adapted to your graphic charter). Your suggestions for features are taken into account in our technical roadmap.

On Atolia, the administrator, user, external collaborator and guest roles simplify governance. Control access to data in one place. Collective intelligence becomes a reality. With complete peace of mind.

Atolia is the best alternative to Teams

For productive teams who take their data privacy seriously
Data hosted in France
Project management
Shared calendars
Graphic customisation

Join thousands of teams

They said no to the complexity of Teams in favour of the secure agility of Atolia

Frequent questions

Still have doubts ? We are here to help you !

I've been working on Teams for a while, how can I easily switch to Atolia ?

We invite you to test Atolia for free by creating a space now. A guided tour of the platform allows you to discover the features in a few minutes. Then, by browsing our help center, Atolia will hold no secrets for you. When you are ready to switch over for good, our team will accompany your team in its first steps.

I receive notifications from my digital ecosystem in Teams. Is this also possible on Atolia ?

Yes, absolutely. Via customised webhooks or Zapier. It is you who places the cursor between automation and sovereignty of your data.

My employees are used to Teams, why change ?

They will not be lost. Atolia uses the codes of the collaborative tool: groups and discussion threads, configurable notifications, webhooks… Only simpler and more secure.

Can I import data from Teams ?

Contact us on our online support and depending on the type of data you wish to keep and their volume, we will find an appropriate solution to import them into your new Atolia space.

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