Teamwork made safe and easy

All your projects are completed faster, in the most simple way.

Communicate and collaborate with your teams and partners through an efficient and unique workspace.

Teamwork made easy and secure

With Atolia, your projects move forward faster and easier.
Bring your teams and partners together to communicate and collaborate in a single workspace.
Thousands of teams are already working using Atolia daily

A flexible solution for all your collaborative needs

No matter where you work and what is your expertise, Atolia fosters collective intelligence.
You don't need to adapt your habits to it, Atolia will adapt to you and your work ways.

Internal collaboration

Improve your team’s cohesion and productivity in an all-in-one workspace, facilitating communication and access to information.

Cross-company projects

Animate professional partners communities : ecosystems, channels, consortiums, competitiveness poles… Cross-functional teams share their expertise and reach ambitious group goals.

Crisis management

Get back quicker to business with a collaborative space dedicated to your DRP. In case of emergency, your team stays in touch with the key contacts to quickly solve the problem.

For a more agile and efficient work experience

« Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success. » - Henry Ford

Access Atolia anywhere, anytime

Atolia is available on smartphones, tablets and desktops.

While working remotely, at the office or on a business trip, each teammate stays in touch and progress to complete their projects.

You’re going to love working through Atolia

Choose the essentialist and pragmatic way

Working remotely has particularly increased recently. So did the digital tools' usage. It’s time to have a closer look at your software investments. And choose an all-in-one European-based tool that protects your data and your collaborators’ well-being.
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